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Friends battle

The bear prepares to attack.

Fighting Friends proceeds in a set fashion, starting with the characters being organized into groups, teams, or fighting solo. Each set will have their names declared (i.e. The Bunny Trio, or The Bentussents). Next, a random side is chosen to begin, and one of their characters takes his turn. Finally, the one of the opponent's characters will act. This will repeat until one side achieves victory by defeating the opposing side, or the battle ends in a draw.

Characters take their turns by attacking, casting spells, or, in certain cases, performing other actions like coughing from being poisoned.

One major appeal of Fighting Friends is the variation of attacks. Each group has a chance to use classic attacks, like Strange Ears, or Implosion, or to create new attacks with each turn, adding to the already immense library and creating new ways to enjoy the Fighting Friends world.