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A spell exclusive to the Hippo, Hippo Love provides Premonition to the caster and his allies for the duration of the battle. Upon casting it, the Hippo will fly about the group, as magical sparkles, similar to Pixie Dust, float down and cover the Hippo's teammates. Upon completion, he rejoins his group. An affected ally, if attacked, has a chance of being protected by the angelic hippos of the past, which appear to deflect and absorb it, leaving the attack's recipient unharmed.

When this occurs, the phrase "The Hippos speak!" will be utterered, and the angelic hippo will then appear to block the attack.

Trivia Edit

A running joke of this spell is that the angelic hippos often appear only when a target is subject to an instakill spell or attack. The hippo will appear, saving the victim's life, but will die in return, often humorously.

Another joke is that the spell is often forgotten after a few turns, even though by the rules it lasts the entire battle. This basically results in a waste of the Hippo's turn.