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Damage is a measure of pain inflicted upon a character. Damage ranges from light (1% to 30%), moderate (30% to 60%), to heavy or tremendous (60% to 100%) portions of the target's life.

Important Note Edit

It is somewhat difficult to evaluate damage accurately, as most attacks logically rely on knowledge of the attack or spell to be effective. Example - Polar Ray causes tremendous damage if cast. If a player does not know that, the spell might end up causing light damage, instead of killing or bringing the target close to death, which is intended. This can lead to problems, like instakill spells causing damage, conditions not having their intended effects, weak spells like Belation inflicting killing blows to a target with full health, etc. Therefore, it is common etiquette to 'learn' what an attack/spell does.

Trivia Edit

Belation is perhaps the weakest of all the attacks and spells, as it only reduces about 1% of the target's life.